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Related article: Date : Tue, 8 February 20th 2011 16th 00 0000 From: tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 68 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imagexamination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the FORMATTEDING or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Chapter 68 - Kiss and Make -up after what seemed like a kind of day and sometimes very emotional to be truth finally, after the bus to go home, he rejoined ahead of Simon had retired after his friends. After the adventure last day on the type of bus was not sure if Simon was sitting with him from brotherly love, or even hope for another sexual encounter, either as he had n \\ \\ do not care. " I have not seen today at all, so it will WOTEd this morning after "asked Simon strategically when to her purse in her lap, bothers you. " You're going to play around with that? "Down and responded to ignored the question. " Me! No! " Simon said firmly, for the time being the exhibitionist League that was a kind of servant in order. " YER Do you not, when do we see? " " Oh, you do? Where? " He forced his way into the bag and the hand of n and not be mixed with strength near the front of Simon, was a little that was already stirring in any case, " Fuckin ' leave it! "Said Simon looks around to panic. " It's not art, please see n us. get " " No, we do not, "he said slowly around to see for themselves. " bet You can finger the front of yer nice white pants and n is greater than you can! " " No, do not try. Do not want to be caught. " " WOT that then ! " " WOT? "Simon looked around. " WOT ? " ", type "suddenly leaned forward and hit the leg on one side Simon two fingers dirty products Bet Shortsavoided between the legs before he could Simon, to n. "No... no, no," cried Simon jumped up and down in the seat, while tried in vain to remove the hand of art. "You see! " " Lolita Paysites Well, let me go then go to the front..... just to try. " Whisper seductive art as he could. " It's fucked up that love, huh? " short movable seats could see Simon, would not rest had to be art had. Besides the fact that he liked the Lolita Paysites idea and wanted to know what had happened that morning. " Only if you tell me WOT happened this morning with my mother later. " "right". Type nodded quickly remove your hand from his leg and transfer the attack on the fly. Cleverly, the finger began to look for to the rack and was recognized in front of Simon, what was happening in the zip had rammed all the way. " Bleeding hell that was fast! " Said Simon looks around again, n , but we now know was as exciting as it really nice to do something in the the bus. "What MAK gibtsthese are the pants? " When asked the type of friction between the cotton finger," is thicker than the old material that Y- fronts were not true, " " Woollie innit ? Mom always buys me Woollie. " He pushed the art. " Now, in , and say WOT has happened. " " does not take long to be hard ! When d ' last time a straw, then? " The dirty finger was rubbing the little piss slit in the top of the the shaft drive. Just as the art had expected, Simon began to respond and shuffled about the seat closes legs. "Very good! Well, I did this morning! WOT come this happened? "It started a Simon, a little annoyed by the kind of excuses. " Come about art, I say, or get yer hand my pants! Calm down, " " Fuckin 'or full coach knew he had a straw this morning "Art said softly. " Fuck! " Simon whispered and looked around again. " Well, I 'll tell you. "Said Art " I left with a towel around me ` because I had my pants unzipped missing after yesterday's mixed n the bus! " " Oh, " Simon said as innocently as I could, knowing he had broken him. Lolita Paysites " I? " " Yes damn "you " and fucking know! "Art intentional eye contact, so that Simon was forced to look back. " Anyway, I thought that Mom looked a mess, as usual, that did not. Then she tells me spare pants also have a broken zipper, so you might with safety pins ! " " Hear, oh shit... Art... hang on... Stop! " Simon was squirming in his seat with the tip of the tail start to tingle. Now has no influence on art, things happen too n quickly and art more one or two things about masturbation knew n , had to prove that " Oh, okay. "Art said with a wicked glitter in his eyes. " Do not you dare me to straw in my pants, you! She is playing with it, not it? "Simon was almost in a panic. " I messed n my pants... Because... Because when mom sees it.. " " Of course not. I? "Interrupted art. " All father respect ` VHAs talk to you about the birds and the bees whore ", if you find n wanky have stains on yer pants ! " " Wot! " Simon was thinking red. However, for the feelings that is formed because now you had to be worth it! Smiled n Enter now feel something hot and sticky in the fingertips, perhaps Simon was making a big step closer to that disaster, as he thought ! " WOT and then? " Panic or not Simon wanted to be petted. "anyway, so a small shift in the towel and quickly catches the damn chair is dropped, that's when you want to see me bum?" " that's it? the shape of the mother thought, shone yer Willy went to it! " Simon had sounded disappointed and started getting the feeling that n short changed somewhere. "No, I was angry with me that Lolita Paysites look and know WOT as in the morning. " Tail Simon was undoubtedly the acquisition of life is that s own, she shrugged shoulders of their own accord between hot and cold finger is good. " Yer. Lucky was the fatherre, is not it? "Said Simon. " Calmed down. " " So that was all that I saw the pants. "Finished art. N " They were clean? "Simon breathed picking up speed, laughed " Yer as I can see now, a pin, is not enough if you have a hard is the ? " " me hard, very close. You can put yer hand and make sure that you want. "Art awarded her another smile and knowledge of the excited state was Simon , which would be an offer he could not refuse. A second later, he slid his hand over and went straight through the opening. " bleeding hell, all sticky ! You have the sperm in 'em again, and still is hard! "Simon looked at him in amazement, as his fingers curved swab about the axis strong. " WOT... I think you run in 'em every day in school then? " " could do. " Keep Blick Art Simon, increasing friction with the head. In his Age Simon produces very little precum anyway, but now with the help of Art wanted to be a exception. Despite their protests, which in reality wasexperience as very bold and just kind of copy, as it was premature in his underwear on a bus. The thrill of being competent masturbated by his older brother, was in a public place, while in turn had hand in his shorts to his brothers quickly viscous a lot. It was at this point, when Simon went to all the objections and claims n closed his eyes to know that he really wanted to cum in his pants, ignoring the consequences. I could see of its kind in the window seat, which would be less than five minutes before arriving at your stop, tightening his grip on slippery wave was devoted to the task at hand. In a few short strokes and involuntary movements felt Simon, such as semen started, it's a lot of strength above. With eyes closed and legs crossed Simon was now well breathing rapidly and began to moan as his cock spat hot load in your underwear and between the fingers of the hand of art. "There is your dream come true!" Whispered so no attemptt laughing, wincing body Simon in his hand. " Mmmhhh.. " With art does its best to spread the sperm around the white slip, Simon legs squeezed every ounce of his strength balls. It was probably the largest deposit of Simon and closed his eyes, leaned back in his chair with his cock tingle like never before. " Well, little brother," said Art leaned so wiped hand cross in front of the Simon- shorts, "if not yer hand to me pants yer and grab the bag in place, yer yer miss stop! " This rose. Simon 's hand fell from the huge fly to the n and almost transparent bulging underpants clearly on the screen. smiling a itself, how sexy she looked a bit casual hand down and back the seat of his pocket, pulled up before he passed and once Simon in the way it shook violently by the shoulder. " We are here, come and get up! " Has added a second after the departure laughter. "Oh, butHe has done ! " For a time it was Simon who had to scrabble to meet and pick the steep stairs to the guy who seemed to be now, for some reason consumed by laughter. \\ \\ n " Wot You laugh? " He seemed very nervous when Simon jumped is the platform on the sidewalk. " Nothing. "Art started down the road afloat. " should not be fucking laughing "no, WOT ? Lolita Paysites " Once again Simon asked if clumsily struggled to maintain. The dangers of Cumming in his underwear initial head of his penis to slide within Cummy panties at the same time tingling of the ministrations of art. n " Well, you are a child innit ?" His swing forged art on the sidewalk along before casual bag. " I? " Simon broke n, find the pace a bit forced and feel the need to keep your penis. " WOT do you mean ? Think now," said Art, "WOT is happening in the rule? " " damn I do not know," said Simon clearly annoyed, cock now ra as unpleasant part of the fly of his pants. " Now that you fucked! " "art.... slow... please stop, she took my cock in me pants ! " Said Simon despair. "Think of WOT? " " Well, I usually innit ? " Art stopped and turned, smiled, "that knows. I open the one with the juice of his pants and fly, pants n will come! " " Wot! WOT I mean? WOT are you ? " groaned Simon. He stayed in his tracks and slowly looked at with horror. " Oh shitshit.. I do not mean " There was no doubt looking for some dubious dark stripes on the other hand, the n to perfection with the color pale gray of her shorts around the fly, which in fact is open. The bulk wet white underwear in front shone in the as the sun appeared. " You know," said Art turn again, " I think Mom has to go for a change, especially when you see it in yer done WOT pants. It is all highlighted in yellow color when dried outs! his father in a word with youcoming! " " If it looks! WOT.. "Simon looked back and found the zipper. " Wot! O fuckin hell! Oh, shit... fuck.. I took the zippers ! " leaving Simon stood on the sidewalk, swearing that he fought the train kind of card to slowly wandering whistling as he passed, he had not sabotaged zip was actually a coincidence, but could occur in a more time. But Simon was not amused. have even less funny when it happened decorate over the dissemination of fresh seeds in abundance in front of his underwear n on their pants before they finally admit that the rack is in fact, a fatality, the pleasures of the flesh! " art is not it! "He said he finally stopped running after stock in a panic. " WOT I can do? It is fixed ! Whore to help me. " " Fuckin ' yerself help! Well, you know how you feel? "Said a determined way. " You of his fucking head laughing this morning when I was there, in fixed -n I just pants with Mom and Dad. No? It helps bitch, n only amuch fucking worse. " " Oh. " Simon's face fell, the truth again to bite hard on the n vague. was" Oh! Yes, yes, fuck,oh! You know WOT is when you put the n and that shit go laughing all the time has not helped me, right? It is the first time, or right? That damned already, and sat right fucking in front of him, right? The week also did shit ! " " Oh. "Simon was not sure of WOT to do or say, was seen in the art. " Sorry. " " bit late, huh? " " Yer. "Through the downcast face Simon learned the lesson n very fast, the hard way. " Arts, Thursday WOT should I do? Help me, I do not want go for me and start looking at my clothes as it does with you. " ", but I have to deal with blood, they have now, right? And after this morning. ", Art said " She's either going to be furious and full of smiles. You know that, so you'll have a little braver. " " I spose. "Simon knew that the mood swings of his mother, where art is concerned, and that certainly committed to art in the firing Lolita Paysites line over n Once in the past. "I'll help if I help. " Type of pointing the finger. "But you have to stop is involved when you can go with one and I'm deeply in the shit. " "How? " His voice was cracking, blinked. " You can stop laughing every time I bitch at the beginning you really do not Help!" such gestures. "Now fucking get here. " Not sure what would happen, he said Simon hesitant to ask if embraced his class. " Anschiss yer right over, now just fucking help me next time it starts. Right? " " WOT right... But I do now ? "Simon asked, partly because art is silent jacket. He rubbed his head in the cloth to dry brown eyes. " Well, I'll say," said Art, quickly pushing his hand between them and squeezing the package despite the free-running "is not half of hell yer pants sticky ! yer And still semi- hard! " Simon slipped his hand into the art of fmind back. No " So it's you! " "I was about to say, if I knew I was on a war footing, it would have been another straw ! But you have to play after a hearing, which can n skip over us as we move into the 'because they both look like shit! "despite its appearance, Simon was very happy now. Having had the type of unequivocal message to heart, I could not believe what is n him. From what I was in school, said he suspected that many older siblings only seven bells knocked out of his brothers to get this kind of message all. The art was not for everyone, even angry, still kept alive. approached the street corner near the hand, Simon could not resist physical contact. Flattered by the affection obvious, art blushed again and again and let it go I think that maybe what happened with a his younger siblings. " Here we go then. " Kind of looked at Simon. "Cor, you see with your eyes a little red Now, we seem to rest today, so what you are having so much fucking choice ? " N "II have no idea. "Simon seemed very nervous. Look down, saw his shorts were n still does not show the stains of semen and up close. He looked up of course, smiled slightly, and extended his hand to touch her hand just a moment before feeling confident and shoot more. " is fucking stupid cunt ! " Blinked art. " You should not do better, we see that people fucked that could " start talking! " "Sorry. " Simon cleared his throat, "Well, what do WOT ? " " Well, I have only a pencil and this is WOT keeps me self pants together. "Art has managed to smile rather mischievously. "Therefore, , it is best to hang yer pocket on the front, which I know to do is, I see s now. You get very Lolita Paysites good if there is much in yer pants ! " n " Oh, fuck me pants are willy to me! Trapped " It seems very strange Simon slow and had his bag full of books before trying to suppress their panties. "It's hard. " " Lolita Paysites Well, that's all for good, just before he left to go home and pop yer in hand through the front and take off yer Willy! "Art smiled:" It terrible if yer pants to help keep start innit ? That is, thankfully, has no no pubic hair ' cause, which is even worse! " Simon has his hand to hold back. " to stop you going, my fucking hand! " " Fuck you! " " Fuck me ? You dirty fellow, that WOT? Yer, all that s good then I love it! These rooms or mine, then I can hold my hand! " It's not you, Simon wanted everyone gets sicker, which may be a necessary lesson. class secretly hoping for once his mother interest Lolita Paysites in the appearance of Simon could be as finally learn to not so fast to get shame or ridicule to keep the art, such as what to do in recent times. " Here we go then. "Art Simon saw how they approached the front door. " You can get the key for a change. " With the hand through the mailbox Simon pulled the rope tied n to the key and looked nervously at the way it s in the lock. " He is not really concerned why ? " " Yer, " Simon murmured," I seen it when you go and I `ve seen, as they mourn. It's worse in recent times has not been ? " " bitch remember me and keep my mouth shut. Let's go. "Kind of pushed him, but the door Simon looked around nervously, there was no trace of it. " Hi, Mom, we're back. "Art, said cheerfully. " Well, I'm in the dining room. " Thanks disturbing comments of Art Simon felt very guilty cum in his pants and had convinced himself now that it is out! Of course he was far from the truth, it was so Linda only, as any self-respect to keep his young mother looking presentable. ah with Lolita Paysites art, was a constant struggle and sufficient for the patience of a saint s attempt to ensure that their losses frequent temper. " room, not in the kitchen. Why not cook, always kitchen! " Whispered Simon moves on the face. " WOT to do ? " " I 'm going to change my mom. "Said Art to make a dash for the stairs in silence ". Back in a second. " Simon went to go I think he has had aAway with him, when the voice called over again. " Oh, Simon... before climbing the stairs... " " WOT? Mom?" He winced as he watched how quickly disappeared the stairs to her room, her tight pants highlighting the description of Cummy lingerie. " I'm kind of repair and pocket.. " " Then you want to write, has gone up. " Simon said sounded very relieved. " No, I love you! Please come here a minute. " Simon very reluctantly turned and entered the room, still in his bag before him. He sat at the dining table n with a pair of jeans Linda was surrounded by pieces of material with a sewing machine set on the table. " Oh WOT to do," he asked with a sigh of relief in sight from the machine. " Well," he said, smiling: " I ​​went shopping and closing sale, I these jeans, I thought it fit. " Saw Simon. I could see, they were not the usual cheap bad cut those who so often the only thing that came into vogue England. "Cor seem beautiful pair, the right jeans," she smiled, " Thanks, Mom. " N "The problem is that I think I remember a little long in the leg you. I are, sewing, and I've been waiting for you to come home to try to in it, just to check. " " right ". smiled again, feeling the material. "It is the love of a second, which just dropped her shorts and slip me I can finish quickly, while it has changed since the uniform. " Simon's face fell, dropped her purse on the floor. "But... but... " " Come on Simon, do not be ashamed," he smiled, "I am your mother n all. Anyway, you have the pants, you can do with back to do to me if wants, is much faster than running up and down now n right? " there was no escape. Nor was there any point in the argument deleted. Nervous pulled his brown jacket, turned and made the pretext of repair broken zip s before dropping his shorts and laying them before him in a chair. Glancing very fast and since that with what looked like a little school will be occupied pants n grabbed the jeans from the table and pulled her on like wildfire. "No, Mom. " He turned toward her, his hope was in the semi -hard, not all that remarkable. " Come closer, turn. " She smiled, " Oh, I think they feel good, right? " " Yer. " Simon says, and so on down with some new jeans like force indeed appropriate, and not only himself in his laughter. " Now slip, and I typed for you now. " " Thanks. " He turned and opened the metal button, he escaped to the ground and put back on the table before quickly to the his shorts. " Hold on love, let me take a short glance at school," he said, " try to establish a new zip code in other types of pants and want to look only to see that do well, his shorts are sewn as I n expected. " Did Simon begins to blush turned to lookhis hopes, his shirt would be fresh semen on her underwear. He reluctantly gave short. " Oh, they are a little wet or something, what's that ? " Linda asked her finger placed in the moist environment of the fly, as they found them. " We HHMM on the bus....... some guys.. HHMM was" standing in only his panties and the shirt was as erotic as it was embarrassing, his erection now fast again, " wasting time with a bottle of water was running, in the the bus all over. " " silly thing to do. " shorts looked and looked. "All of water, even the tail of the shirt is wet here! Stupid girl Well, they have to wash anyway... y... oh, this seems to be zip n " " stuck too! was his mother, "she replied, knowing nervous, you are fast moving s red seed thought he had absorbed through his underwear to his n shirt n ", opened it cor.. wonder..... WOT HHMM could have has happened? " "do not know, go elsewhere sewing - job? " She looked up and smiled," Well is better to go now and see around you because you are then. " feeling very self-conscious Simon picked up his bow bag , and the art came in the door now transformed into a pair of jeans. " WOT did ? Their shirts all wet ! Why is his pants, I hope to clean n ! " Grin way to fire a barrage of questions, actually think before, that increase in the subject of underwear, if yours were positively filthy and can be an unsaturated good idea to seed " I'm sure they're clean, do not you honey? "Said Linda Simon now servile bright red with shame. " And probably cleaner than the his Arthur Weldon, at least Lolita Paysites gets faded pants. " Simon grunted recognition almost seemed that he could murder is of art, some of which are in front of him and was in front of Linda, now examination of the form where the zipper is sewn in shielded by Linda Simon back hand slipped right type and shape of a cup in front of the SIMto requests n grabbed his cock through his wet shirt and underwear. " Y", said Linda suddenly kind of look on his face, " as spoken on clean underwear I remember that I see, every one of you n Laundry lately at all. " Simon just inches away from art in the face and pushed out her tongue and hard dick in the palm of the hand with the art of the shirt stuck to his now panties. "I do not use it again for days," said n it manages to get the smile, but now moving the finger ", or days come to an end ! " \\ \\ n Type swallowed. The stinking pile of dirty clothes on the floor in the room of his s is held every pair I had, all well stained with semen. " The trick is to not look like a beet move well, you know what The last time this happened happened, right?" He art brought everything to them. Simon trying not to laugh back sticky underpants in hand waiting. " Yer. " Murmured the type of search to the land. " Simon," said Linda, think of this as an opportunity to try all the subject, "Why do not we leave, go get change. " \\ \\ n Intrigued, but yet desperate, Simon took his bag and fell off his shirt, which adheres to the bulging pants. Linda kind of gesture, sitting beside her on the table. " Art, like if you think I like to say that out, they are really wrong. " " Oh. Yer, well.... HHMM " art seemed nervous. " Yer. " I was really nervous. " This morning everything went wrong, is not it ? " Said Linda surprising type Reach out and put his arm around him. It made ​​him look on the face of s. "And I was not sure what I said. " N "I know that now, said the father. " He murmured. Why is it that do not have anything of his father, whom he had tried to forget calm. " But, you have half the time not allowed to look a mess?" That s pause to wonder if that 's all. " I ' spose I'm doing. " What was Nigel hadthis attack is the best form of defense ? n Even if it does not attack and just agree with it, could reduce the the possibility of a discussion. ", and this morning... HHMM.. well, it was a bit of a shock to see umm.. well... as you've become... I did not know how to implement " "..... sorry, HHMM a as they have become ! was a shock to me too," he snapped. Looking deeply shame that even managed a smile said to bent to kiss her on the forehead. A little surprised that blinked, was some time ago that she had kissed a So. " I just wanted to say sorry and ask yourself if you can sort of clean up, reflectivity can rely on us as parents. You know, if Talk to your father HHMM.. ummm.. well.. you know... not true, understand. " " it! " Pita bread should be the roasted red face. "Yer could not be better. " "I 'm white. " He said. "The thing is love, to grow and not be I have my child allnger. " " I? No yer boy! " Embarrassing or not, he smiled, as only he could ". I 'll always be your child. But I can not always sorta... so, knows how to be perfect. " " You are perfect, "he smiled. " Never. We know that. But I will try for me? Make the beginning, the pile of dirty laundry disgusting to wash at the moment! " " Mama. " " Oh and by the way, you said a boy splashing water on the bus? Simon , it was, but I wonder what he got into these shorts now is not water! " " Water not, I think. "It was n is a fun day -old crime. ############################# ##### ################ # # # # Chapter 69 to follow
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